Social Security Management (IMSS)

SERHU Groups highly trained experts in the field of social security and has more than 12 years of experience advising companies of various fields and activities, for the adequate fulfillment of their obligations related to IMSS and INFONAVIT.

The talent and experience of the specialists that are part of SERHU, allow us to provide a personalized service through which it’s possible to maintain a direct communication with each of our clients, in order to satisfy in the best way their particular HR management needs and others.

At SERHU we are pleased to have the ability to offer not only solutions with legal certainty, but also, advice for the prevention of unfavorable situations in your company.

In this way, the specific benefits we provide our clients consist in avoiding possible problems in terms of social security (IMSS and INFONAVIT) and, if they already exist, to address them promptly and effectively, offering alternative solutions beneficial to their company.

Likewise, we offer economic benefits by complying with your social security obligations, avoiding the payment of fines, updates, surcharges or differences.

All this team of consultants will be at your disposal when contracting our IMSS management service.