Payroll Service

Our staff management and payroll service is our main service and it’s based on the traditional outsourcing scheme. SERHUs staff management services include all payroll and HR activities such as:

  • Employee contract signing and record keeping.
  • Granting of letters recognizing the seniority of all personnel.
  • Support for the integration and filing of files on new hires.
  • All Pay-rolling activities are carried out from our office and your employee receives his payroll on time through a bank. We also offer the worker life insurance for accidental death without cost, courtesy of the bank we work with.
  • Staff management on government entities such as IMSS and Infonavit.
  • Among other benefits that we offer automatically when you signup with us.

How does your payroll service work?

Our staff management and payroll service works really easy. It starts by you sending us your payroll list, and based on this our team will generate an analysis which will include all payroll costs, social costs, our commission, and payroll taxes. The total of this sum is the gran total of your payroll.

Once the money transfer has been received at our company, our staff proceeds to make and stamp the corresponding invoice for tax purposes.

After this the dispersion of the payroll is done to your employees and once it’s finished we send you the proof of bank dispersion for your personal files.

Also as part of this service and as a way of added value we offer you the social administration service (IMSS and Infonavit Management) totally free. We also give free medical insurance to your administrative employees for free in case you qualify.

There’s no doubt we are always your option number one! when dealing with Mexican businesses, employees and authorities. We take care of you and your business.

Download our PDF presentation for more details.